Introduction to Career Exploration

Introduction to Career Exploration


You are now ready for the Outer Journey which is career exploration. It’s time to explore your potential career opportunities. You get to create and build a career opportunity that you believe will be the best fit for you at this time.

The Outer Journey consists of three components to explore when you are building your career opportunity – the work environment, the industry, and the actual career/occupation. Each component will add more detail for you to zero in on your ideal career opportunity.

You will be guided to explore what you might want to do (occupation) and where you want to do it (industry and environment). Then you will apply what you learned about yourself by building a Career Opportunity Statement that includes environment, industry, and occupation. Upon completion of the Career Opportunity Statement, you are ready to begin rating your potential career opportunity with the Core Passion Codex to find the best fit for you at this time. As you use the powerful knowledge from your 6 Reflection Points to rate how strongly a career will fulfill you, you will become very clear about the potential successful fit of the career you are exploring.

By modifying each of the three Career Opportunity Statement components, you can fine-tune your opportunity. You may have picked an occupation, but may not be sure of which industry you want to work in. Use the Core Passion Codex to see which opportunity details need to change as pointed out in your rating results. You can keep tweaking and adjusting the opportunity details until you find a really good fit by rating the new opportunity again.

If your first career opportunity wasn’t the best match for you, try again with a different career opportunity. Take advantage of the list of all your career opportunity ratings to see patterns or combinations you may not have considered.

You need to be honest with yourself. Just because others have suggested a career and occupation, it may not be a match for you. This is about making sure that WHO you are matches WHAT you want to do.

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