Inner Journey Travel Guide

Inner Journey Travel Guide


Your travel guide for the Inner Journey is your Core Passion Report. Through the Core Passion Assessment, you were guided to explore and measure how you responded to the words.

The Inner Journey continues as you explore your personal Core Passion Profile on page 1. When you put a graph and numbers to something, you are measuring it and it becomes real. People can believe it when you measure it. As you look at the graph, initially focus on your top 5 Codes. They are the colored bars on the graph. If you had a tie in your top 5, you may have an additional Code colored in. We each have all the 12 Codes within us. The top 5 Codes are your drivers; the remaining 7 Codes are your support.

The results of this assessment are the beginning steps to making you aware of the energy behind your desires. You can feel the passion, however, it’s difficult to describe it or share it without a descriptive language. When you put words to your driving forces (your Core Passion Codes), you create clarity and focus in your life. By identifying the energy sources and developing a language, you can now apply this powerful energy resource, this passion, to create what it is that you desire.

Read through your report, initially focusing on your top 5 Codes. To get the most out of the Core Passion Report, go page 2 and follow the directions by highlighting and underlining key words and descriptions. Use the report as your travel guide through the Inner Journey of exploring who you are. Start by focusing on the knowledge and language of WHO you are. Then you will apply that knowledge to WHAT you want to do.

Later, as you explore career opportunities with the Core Passion Codex, you will use the Core Passion language and your Codes. They will help you discover the parts of your driving forces that influence your satisfaction with your career.

When you know WHO you are, you know WHAT to do.

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