Individuals Seeking Personal and Career Development

The Career Seeker Roadmap has a repeatable framework for your success. It’s a 3-step process designed to help you Explore, Measure, and then Pursue many careers that may be perfect for youYou can take action by beginning your exploration with tools, videos, and journals at Core Passion Academy. We discovered that no matter what stage of life you’re in, one underlying truth remains – When you know WHO you are, you know WHAT to do.

STARTING – Graduated? Going back? Discover where to start. Take a moment to select a path that supports you. Save time, effort, and frustration. Learn where to start.

DEVELOPING – Already on the job? Ready for passion and purpose? Explore possibilities and opportunities that bring you closer to your goals. Learn where to develop.

ENCORES – Switching careers? Looking for an Encore? Create your own destiny that supports your passion and purpose. Learn where to re-invent.

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