How to Use My Career Seeker

How to use My Career Seeker


This e-learning program is designed to guide you at each step in your journey. You have videos, articles and your Career Seeker Journal to work with the lessons.

Career Seeker Navigation

Next and Back bar: use the red arrow buttons to go forward or back one step in the lesson.

Dashboard: click the white arrow on the gold app bar to drop down the dashboard of shortcuts. Click it again to hide the dashboard. The shortcuts include: Profile, Library, Core Passion Codex, Careers Signpost, and Reports

Long Menu: click the white menu icon (three stacked lines) on the left side of the gold app bar to drop down a list of information links. Click the white menu icon again to hide it.

Short Menu: click the white short menu icon (three stacked boxes) on the right side of the gold app bar to drop down a list of actions. Click the white short menu icon again to hide it.

Videos: click on a video to begin playing it. Click on it again to pause the playback.

Scrolling: use your mouse’s scrolling button or touchpad to scroll up and down where there is more content than can be displayed on a page.

Career Seeker Lessons

Complete the Career Seeker Lessons in the Library by starting at the top of the left list (modules). Click on a module to make it turn gold.

The right pane will display that module’s lessons. Complete the lessons in order by first clicking on the top lesson.

Be sure to click the red NEXT arrow to advance through a lesson in the right order so you don’t miss a step.

If you need to restart a module, go to the Library, select the module, then click on the lesson you were working on. Advance with the red NEXT arrow until you are where you left off.

Career Seeker Journal

Be sure to print out your Career Seeker Journal so you can complete it as you work on each lesson.

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