How to Build your Career Opportunity

How to Build your Career Opportunity


Your next step on the Outer Journey road is to build your Career Opportunity statement. You learned the components – work environment, industry, career/occupation. You also had a tour of sample careers. Now you are ready to build your own Career Opportunity statement.

You will start by building more than one Career Opportunity statement so you are comfortable with the process. This also gives you examples to compare measurement results to see which one is a better fit.

The first statement is for something in the near future such as a summer job or internship. This helps you understand a career environment. The second statement is for your big-picture, dream career such as the STEM field, Education or Medical. This may be one that is more fun or interesting but you may not know as many details.

To get started, tap the next red arrow to navigate to Reflection Point 7 – Build a Career Opportunity Statement.

Next select options for work environment, industry, and career occupation. Remember you can edit the words in the last section when the statement appears in a text box. Click the next arrow to save your statement.

Now you can build another statement by dropping down the menu at the top center of the My Career Seeker portal and selecting the Scoreboard icon. Click the Plus (+) sign icon at the bottom of the list to add another Career Opportunity statement.

Have fun and explore! Keep tweaking and adjusting the Career Opportunity statement until you are satisfied with at least two statements you saved.

Next, you will be able to measure how much these statements support WHO you are and WHAT you want to do.

Be sure to complete your journal entries for How to Build your Career Statement.

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