Gift of the Manifestation Code

Gift of the Manifestation Code

Bringing unrelated things together at the crossroads is where innovation happens. It’s the magic of people coming into our life at just the right time.  It was the unlikely pairing of technology and passion that resulted in the Manifestation Code.

I met Rias van Wyk, technology expert from South Africa, when he was a professor in the Management of Technology Master’s program.  My business partner used my business as the subject of her master thesis. There were a few professors including Rias that sat on the jury to judge all of the theses. At the judging, a couple of the professors questioned the work of Core Passion and its validity. These professors were world famous leaders in technology and I was bringing something new to the world for them to judge that was not technology. The lesson for me was to stay in my truth and believe in what I had created.  The thesis ultimately passed with a good grade.

Rias had just finished writing his book on the theory of technology describing matter, energy and information and their interrelationship. He called it a Unifying Code. He ultimately became a client and got to experience the Core Passion Assessment, not just read about it. It was at that intersection that two different fields, technology and passion, came together.  

He gave me the gift of the Manifestation Code . . . M = I + E2.  

Rias told me that his work in technology was the same concept I worked with in a creative human context. Rias’ formula breaks through old paradigms and beliefs by connecting to the natural flow of creation. M is the manifested matter.

I is the identified intention. E2 is the fuel (emotion) used to manifest. Conscious manifesting requires a very high-octane fuel. I call this high-octane fuel Core Passion. It’s the energy that drives you to do what you do and go where you’ve never gone before. This formula has been unconsciously and consciously used since the beginning of time.  It is the formula of creation. 

What I intuitively knew, Rias put into a formula that others could believe and gave it to me as a gift. We all have unique words of wisdom to give to the world. When we believe, amazing things happen! My business partner and I wrote a paper about the Manifestation Code, How Manifestation, Emotion, and Intention Equate with the Theory of Technology. This paper was chosen to be read at a global technology conference in Washington, D.C. I am not in technology and yet, I was at a conference with technology experts from around the world. My technology business partner read the paper and it was amazingly well received.

If the energy of passion can intersect with technology, then anything is possible! It’s time to bring our new thoughts and concepts to the world. The question becomes, “What do you want to manifest?” Everything starts as a thought to create our reality. With every new manifestation . . . a new Adventure begins!

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