Are you stuck in the weeds?

How Stuck Are You?

It is time for a change if you are feeling stuck in the weeds of your career, your relationship, or your lifestyle.

Perhaps you have lost your mojo and are searching for your passion and purpose to be re-ignited.

Learn how to get out of the weeds with this 4-stage system.  Transform your life and feel the joy of being in the flow and living in passion and purpose

You are not alone. We are here to help.

Is it time to get out of the weeds?

You know you are ready if you

Can’t get moving forward

Live in the past

Doubt your dreams and abilities

Feel resentful of your circumstances

Believe changing is too hard

Miss having joy in your life

Lost your mojo

Just want to feel better

Feel confused, foggy, and don’t know which direction to go

Feel tired and anxious

What’s your story? What are your weeds?

Stage 1 Square

Life is Hard

Is this your story?

No matter what you do, everything takes twice as much time for half the results.  The more you struggle the harder things get.

If you let go, then everything runs you over like a rock rolling down a hill.

Hear about other common in-the-weeds stories in Stage 1 of the Get Out of the Weeds program.

What's your new story?

Stage 3 Square

Imagine what it could be

  • You live in the flow where things go your way
  • Passion motivates your day
  • Purpose fills your life
  • You live your dream

Meet Your Facilitators

Lori Palm is a modern-day muse inspiring passion, purpose, and possibilities.  An entrepreneur for many years, she sees the unseen personal/business opportunities everywhere.

Wes Hamilton is a master numerologist, professional mediator, a national teacher of personal growth programs, a former successful Real Estate Broker and a Spiritual Life Leadership Coach.

Together they created the Core Passion Assessment and training programs.  They use a magical process connecting people to their passion and creating a space for them to discover who they truly are and what they want.

Transformation? Delivered.

What you’re getting inside the Get Out of the Weeds program


Learn at your own pace, on your own terms, and at your convenience

Core training on the 4-stage Get Out of the Weeds system

 24/7 access to the online training hub progressive videos

Journal PDF workbooks for each of the 4 stages

Online Core Passion Assessment with a 21-page PDF report
(Have one already? See special pricing below.)

Action plan integrating what you learn with your day-to-day life

Frustrated? Relieved.

Why you can’t afford to stay stuck in the weeds

Your health comes first. It suffers in the weeds.

The world needs you. You can’t help others when you are in the weeds.

Your answers are not in the weeds. Clarity is lost.

Your career mirrors you. Will you lose it in the weeds?

No one wants to join you in the weeds.  How long until your relationship gets lost?

You aren’t living your purpose if you are stuck in the weeds

You are an example for others to follow.  Don’t let others suffer. Show them how to get out of the weeds when you do.

Break the cycle of getting into more and more weeds.  If you don’t step out, you will never get out.

Get out while it is easy and the weeds are small.  Don’t wait until you need a flame thrower to get out!

Here's What People Are Saying

Chris Cannon from Miracle Money Make-over talks about working with  Lori Palm.  Lori Palm shared her Profits of Passion insights on his show.

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~Lori Palm

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So, It’s Time to Make One of Two Choices…


As you know – Do nothing and nothing changes. Perhaps you are living in chaos with struggle. Perhaps you want to upgrade your life.

BUT, you already know that you want to live a better life filled with passion and purpose. Then your choice is obvious.  Start your transformation to get out of the weeds and live your passion and purpose.

By investing in yourself and learning how to get out of the weeds, you gain the skills and confidence to discover when you are in the weeds and how to quickly get out.  Now you can live your passion and purpose no matter what types of weeds you run into. 

So, what will it be? Living with passion and purpose?

If you choose to transform your life so that you can thrive by living your passion and purpose, click the button below and join us to get started.

Join us now so we can help you get out of the weeds and live with passion and purpose.

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