Endings and Beginnings

Endings and Beginnings

As we move through the crossroads, endings always bring new beginnings. Many times, we see endings as disappointments. We hold on as long as we can and can’t seem to move through the crossroads. I like to see endings as graduations. When I have completed a chapter of my life, I have learned its time to let go and move on. These transitions can involve many things like careers, relationships, and even life. They were once very important but are now complete.

The story of the phoenix teaches us the lesson of endings and beginnings. In Greek mythology, the phoenix is a mythological bird that regenerates its own life. When it felt its impending death, the phoenix would ignite itself into a magnificent fire. Later, it reemerged from its own ashes, reborn. The phoenix knows that endings always inspire new beginnings. It knows when to let go!

I have learned if I can let go when it is time, endings bring a great sense of freedom. In the past, I have held on way too long and it was painful. I knew deep down that it was time, but I did not want to accept it. I did not know what my new beginning would look like, so I felt it was safer to stay at the crossroads. I also did not know how to do endings gracefully with love and compassion.

When memories show up, I reflect on what was and what will be. It makes me think about all the other chapters of my life that have ended so I could start something new. I believe all endings and beginnings are an adventure that should be celebrated.

It’s important to remember the lessons of ebb and flow, endings and new beginnings. I celebrate each day as an amazing adventure to be lived to the fullest with passion and purpose. Endings are sure to happen because a new adventure is right around the corner. Let’s celebrate!

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