From Diversity to Inclusion: Creating a Culture of Engagement

From Diversity to Inclusion: Creating a Culture of Engagement

Most organizations today have robust, diverse workforces. The challenge is not creating diversity – rather motivating inclusiveness and creating a culture of engagement. Gallup research has shown that engagement creates a positive feedback look; people who are engaged are more successful, ad success helps people engage in their work.

Authenticity is the most important quality of successful people. We know that being authentic is magnetic – authentic leaders draw people to them, value people for WHO they are and WHAT they do. Authentic companies convey and implement their brand not only to customers but also communicate that brand promise to their employees. This opens the door for real engagement and enhanced productivity and organizational success.

When we become linked together with a common vision and are driven by passion, our actions and activities create powerful results.

The Core PassionĀ® Factor process employs modules of dialogue and learning. We customize these modules to meet the needs of specific work groups throughout your organization.

  • Identify what engagement means for each employee
  • Understand Core Passion, the internal drivers for each employee
  • Explore ways to open communication and build trust
  • Understand the connection between who you are and what you do
  • Learn and apply the key steps in the Passion Vision Action Process to create an inclusive culture of engagement
  • Prepare leaders to communicate their vision for and commitment to a culture of engagement
  • Empower employees for accountability
  • Understand how individual gifts and skills connect for powerful teams and productivity
  • Achieve employee engagement with a specific course of action and milestones

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