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The Career Seeker Academy provides tools, training, online learning, and personalized coaching to transform your team. 

Teams are made up of individuals with diverse skills and interests. Teams succeed when those individuals can talk about themselves and understand what others have to contribute so that communication is authentic.

The Career Seeker Academy tool, Passion-Vision-Action, helps people embrace the vision and instill common values. This is as much an art as science. The Core Passion® Codes provide the authentic communication with the language of Core Passion which is necessary to create the vital relationship between leaders and their teams. The results occur when the Vision is translated into team accountability and individual Actions. The teams continue to learn and evolve together.

Are you a leader searching for team engagement training that will:

  • Develop collaboration
  • Build authentic communication
  • Generate powerful results

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When a leader takes their first step towards improving their team with team development your and your team become Career Seekers for success. Have you ever imagined what a successful, productive, and engaged team looks like? Would you like a simple process to discover it?

The Career Seeker Roadmap has a repeatable framework for success. It’s a 3-step process designed to help you Explore, Measure, and then Pursue many opportunities that may be perfect for your success.

We discovered that no matter what stage of business development you’re in, one underlying truth remains-

When you know WHO you are, you know WHAT to do.

The Passion-Vision-Action tool is a key part of the curriculum in Career Seeker Academy programs. This tool is a series of unique activities to integrate and apply the Core Passion Codes to achieve powerful results.

The Passion-Vision-Action triangle is an energetic form to create success.  Each point of the triangle must be utilized with equal attention and energy.  


Passion? Measured. The Core Passion Assessment is a certified assessment with a 21-page report and bar chart of an individual’s 12 codes and a team report of the team’s driving forces.

Teams? Engaged. Inspire your team with a shared, cohesive vision. Build a customized program with one-on-one coaching, team communication workshops, and executive development group work.

Training? Delivered. Select options for on-site training, online DIY learning, and year-long group workshops.

About Career Seeker Academy

We created and developed a valid and reliable tool to measure people’s inner passion, what drives them, and a proven system to give them words for their WHYwhy they do what they do. When you know your WHY, you can move forward with inspiration, clarity, and direction on any path you choose.

Our vision is to provide a fresh, valuable new perspective for people that will enhance what they already know about themselves and their intended career direction. We are going to take you on a journey to explore, measure and pursue the key elements of WHO you are and WHAT you want to do.

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Here is more information to engage your team. Build a customized experience such as training, keynote, and one-on-one coaching for your organization! Programs include:

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