A couple months back a colleague reached out to us about designing an intensive live experience in which participants could actively design a day full of inspiration, creativity, discovery, and joy.  From that seed of an idea grew an amazing offering called CollageX – a curated holistic and metaphysical experience. In partnership with Metamorphosis Connections, We’ve been invited to participate with 24 other talented practitioners on this magical day.

On October 10th, set among 10 acres of native prairie, rain gardens, butterfly gardens and mature trees at Savage McColl Nature Center, we will begin a day full of opportunity, expansion, celebration, and camaraderie. Featuring three different experiences each hour, a catered lunch, and a happy hour finale, we invite you to explore the offerings created just for this experience and design the perfect day, just for you. Take a ride on a shamanic Spirit Boat, learn to communicate telepathically, receive a Soul Star Activation, visit the Akashic Hall of Records, unlock your gifts of intuition and prophecy, co-create your optimal future self…the options are extraordinary.

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Secrets to finding Your Passion and Purpose – Wes Hamilton and Lori Palm @ 12nn

For thousands of years, people have been searching for the answers to, “Who am I? What is my purpose? What am I here to do?” You have the information encoded within you. Lori and Wes will show you how to find the answers in a guided introduction to explore the passion, purpose, and possibilities for the life you are living today. When you have words for who you are, you communicate more clearly. Your clear communication generates an energy that is authentic, valued, and respected. Living a creative and authentic life means being who you really are in each moment everywhere you go. When you put words to your passion and purpose, you make the unseen seen. It becomes real. We will explore who you are, what you want, and what to do. When your vision is driven by passion and purpose, you create powerful results. When you know WHO you are, you know WHAT to do! Join Wes and Lori and discover the secrets to : Who you are – your PASSION What you are here to do – your PURPOSE What you want – your VISION.

Upon registration, you will receive an email including a survey link to select the sessions you want to attend and the lunch option that best fits your taste buds. Then relax and look forward to an amazing experience!

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