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Healing Others

Sometimes I feel my role is to heal everyone that is feeling pain. I know my words and touch provide nurturing, encouragement, and healing. It seems like my role in life is to be the counselor for people in struggle. In my dreams, I travel the world and share my gift of healing with everyone …

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Nurturing the Spirit

My joy comes when I awaken the spirit in others. Connecting people to their spirit is the key to many answers. I know the spirit within is the driving force that we are all searching for. Nurturing the spirit through meditation, quiet walks, and journaling is necessary to keep the spirit connected.

Being Altruistic

I value giving more than receiving. My fantasy is to give everyone everything they need. I find myself working endless hours doing things for others. I seldom think of my own needs and I must remember that I exist here on the planet also.

Being Mystical

I have a knowing that a higher order of life exists. It feels like I have a circle of counselors that surround me in another dimension. Oftentimes, I know the answer to questions and I can’t explain where the answer came from. People tell me that I daydream frequently. This may be true but I …

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