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Questions at the Crossroads

Have you ever felt a sense of tension for no apparent reason? When a path closes and one stage of our lives is complete, we come to a crossroads. Approaching the crossroads, the inner stirrings begin. Something doesn’t feel quite right. You can’t put your finger on it, but you have a sense of impending change.

Endings and Beginnings

As we move through the crossroads, endings always bring new beginnings. Many times, we see endings as disappointments. We hold on as long as we can and can’t seem to move through the crossroads. I like to see endings as graduations. When I have completed a chapter of my life, I have learned its time to let go and move on. These transitions can involve many things like careers, relationships, and even life.

Gift of the Manifestation Code

Bringing unrelated things together at the crossroads is where innovation happens. It’s the magic of people coming into our life at just the right time. It was the unlikely pairing of technology and passion that resulted in the Manifestation Code.

The Hundredth Monkey

The hundredth monkey phenomenon refers to a sudden spontaneous and mysterious leap of consciousness achieved when an allegedly “critical mass” point is reached. Even though there is really no evidence for the hundredth monkey phenomenon, I believe when critical mass occurs, the world comes to a crossroads.

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