Career Readiness

Career Readiness


You have a plan for education and training with your Personal Learning Program. Now it is time to create a plan to collect experience towards your dream career opportunity.

How do you get the experience for the ultimate career?  One step at a time with work experience, volunteer work, internships, passion projects, and entrepreneurship.  

There are opportunities everywhere and new ones every day. How do you know which one will move you further on your Career Path closer to your career goals?

You can use what you have learned so far with the Core Passion Codex and the Career Opportunity Statement builder to do a new evaluation to see if a job builds your experience towards your career.

Now rate the new Career Opportunity Statement. Is it a green light? Is it close to the same score as the first statement? Is it even higher?

The more often you evaluate different career opportunities, the more confident you are in this evaluation process. You will start seeing and feeling the differences more quickly as you practice.

Looking for the next career opportunity experience is exciting and seeing how each opportunity takes you closer to your goal inspires confidence for each step.

Record your results in your Career Seeker Journal.

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