Career Opportunity Report

Career Opportunity Report


Your Career Opportunity Report illuminates your opportunity. Based on your score it gives you the results of why this career opportunity is a good idea, or not.
Your score was created using a combination of your personal mathematical formulas, your personal Core Passion® energy Codes, your talents and abilities and your personal values of what is important to you as you live your life. You were asked to self-score each of these areas.

If you rated any of these areas moderately strong, strong, very strong, your score was in a higher range. Higher range scores indicate you understand who you are and you are excited to engage, explore, and pursue this opportunity you are considering. If you rated any of these areas very weak, weak, moderately weak, your score was in a lower range. Lower range scores indicate you have little to no interest, connection or desire to explore this area further.

You will get a green light, yellow light or red light depending on how well the career opportunity matched up to what’s important for you in a career.

If you get a green light, you have been signaled to proceed with gusto! You have given yourself permission to move ahead quickly, it’s time to grasp the moment. You have words to describe who you are and now you know what will fuel your passion and your dreams as you embrace your future.

If you get a yellow light, you have been signaled to proceed with caution. Go back to your Career Opportunity Statement and revisit your choices. Ask yourself if this is really who I am and what I want? Perhaps you are still following the messages of your parents, your friends, or your teachers. It’s your time to speak your truth.

If you get a red light, you have been signaled to stop pursuing this career direction with the selected choices you entered into your profile. Think of this warning as an indication you are dreaming, guessing or fantasizing about who you are, what you want, and what matters most to you.

Keep exploring and measuring until you get a green light so you can pursue this opportunity at this time in your life. Remember, when you know WHO you are, you know WHAT to do!

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