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I feel very close to my family and of course, my family extends beyond the bloodline to all my friends, clients, and acquaintances. I get overwhelmed when I understand that it is my commitment to share my wisdom with everyone in need. I value my family and become very protective is someone or something threatens their safety.
Sometimes I feel my role is to heal everyone that is feeling pain. I know my words and touch provide nurturing, encouragement, and healing. It seems like my role in life is to be the counselor for people in struggle. In my dreams, I travel the world and share my gift of healing with everyone I meet.
My joy comes when I awaken the spirit in others. Connecting people to their spirit is the key to many answers. I know the spirit within is the driving force that we are all searching for. Nurturing the spirit through meditation, quiet walks, and journaling is necessary to keep the spirit connected.
I value giving more than receiving. My fantasy is to give everyone everything they need. I find myself working endless hours doing things for others. I seldom think of my own needs and I must remember that I exist here on the planet also.
I have a knowing that a higher order of life exists. It feels like I have a circle of counselors that surround me in another dimension. Oftentimes, I know the answer to questions and I can’t explain where the answer came from. People tell me that I daydream frequently. This may be true but I feel I’m living in two different worlds.
When I am confronted with chaos all around me, I go to a quiet spot within and look at the blueprint of the situation. Then I merely put things in their proper place. I see chaos as swirling energy in the process of creating. My gift is the ability to anchor this energy.
I have knowingness that we are not here alone. I know there is a higher force watching over us. My life evolves as I connect to this higher force and work in harmony with everything I do. Weaving the seen with the unseen is my gift.
Everything starts with a creative vision. My gift is taking a vision and applying practical methods to achieve results. My ability to connect to the higher order gives me guidance as I work with creativity and make it real. I bring creativity into form.
I know there is always a bigger picture and a higher order involved in the obvious. My gift is to connect with these higher forces, interpret the intention, and express the reality of what’s in front of me.
Many people have the gift of being a visionary, connecting to the possibilities of what could be. My gift is connecting with the blueprint of a higher order so these possibilities may take form in this dimension. Come to me with your dreams and I will assist you with making them real.
I believe life has a higher purpose. I feel very connected to my surroundings and I know my surroundings are also connected to my higher purpose. Life is far more complex than many are aware of. My favorite way to work is connecting to the spirit of others.
My life is about looking and working outside the box. My gift is two-fold; I definitely see the obvious present moment and I also see that present moment from many different perspectives. When I observe life from the past, present, and future, I find the keys to resolving present moment issues.
I consistently look for balance and harmony in myself, others, and my surroundings. I feel and work best when my surroundings are beautifully appointed, balanced, and harmonious. For me, beauty is my inspiration.
Peace and harmony are important to me. Struggle and confrontation puzzles me because I know there is a better way. It feels like my purpose is that of creating peace, harmony and joy where ever I am. I instinctively see the peaceful spot in any disagreement or disharmony. My goal is to inspire others to find that spot and embrace it.
Working with passion is what I do. When I believe in something I become inspired. When I see the benefits for others, I can’t wait to inspire them. Seeing the possibilities is my gift of vision. Sharing the possibilities is my gift of inspiration.
With clear intention, I am able to create my future. I have an uncanny ability to magnetize people into my life. When I am clear, centered and balanced, I know how to manifest my destiny.
I have a natural gift of knowingness. I view my world from a vantage point of sensing the bigger picture. I become frustrated when I see people getting caught up in the small details instead of working with their destiny.
I look forward to and enjoy the sweet spot in all the things that I do. For me, quality is far more important than quantity. Connecting to the source of the matter is how I live my life.
I love the thought of helping others. My joy comes from making sure the less fortunate have their needs met. If I had my way, there would be no hunger in the world through the process of everyone sharing.
I find myself giving to others first. I feel best when everyone around me is honored with what I am able to share. I like material things, however, I find it more important to give these things away so others may feel the joy of being loved.
Taking control and managing others is a natural skill for me. I have the ability to see the big picture of a project. I develop teams of qualified people to achieve the desired goal. Weaving people, information and the proper environment together, are the keys of my success.
My goal is to be the best. My first thought is to always achieve excellence. My desire is to take control and achieve excellence. I enjoy the challenge of overcoming obstacles to achieve an elusive goal. Winning the gold medal is in my thoughts with everything I do.
It seems like people are drawn to me whenever they have a problem. Solving problems for me and others is something I’ve always been able to do. When I take control and use my logic with my intuition, I always find resolution for the issues. As the problem unfolds, I am able to tap into a wealth of information that allows me to assist myself and others.
My word is my bond. I enjoy winning and it must be done with integrity. What I admire most are people who have gained recognition through win-win outcomes. I value a handshake as much as I value a contract in any commitment I am working with. I believe integrity is the glue that can hold a business or a project together for success.
My destiny is at the helm of the ship; I am able to navigate any business opportunity or project to a successful outcome. My excellent sense of commerce, allows me to see business opportunities where others may see frustration. I understand the principles of business and I am able to assist myself and others in achieving goals.
I get excited about analyzing a subject that fascinates me. I love to use technology to create charts, graphs, timelines, grid works and maps to delve deeper into my subjects. My satisfaction comes by crunching information to interpret hidden meanings.
When I’m given a project, the first thing I do is begin my analysis of the information. Then I start to research the hidden meanings behind the analysis. I believe it’s important to dig deep into any subject in order to understand the essence of the agenda. Revealing the essence and getting to the heart of the matter is what I value most.
I live for the opportunity to look behind the façade. I enjoy studying what is not said and what is not shared to find the missing pieces. Looking at all the seen and unseen perspectives gives me a complete picture of what’s really going on. I believe there is always a hidden meaning that must be researched.
My desire is to research the old and the new. My quest is to constantly question the obvious and delve deeper into the unknown. I’ve been called a bookworm because of my voracious quest for knowledge; Research awakens my own intuition and allows me to see new perspectives that were not obvious before.
When I observe something, I not only see what I see with my eyes, I also use my intuitive eyes to see what can’t be seen. This ability allows me to see the big picture of all circumstances before me. Filling in the missing pieces is what I enjoy the most.
I love teaching people what I know. I’ve been told I am a natural teacher. Helping people by giving them my opinion seems like the proper thing to do. Sometimes I’m surprised that people may feel offended that I would suggest the obvious solution. My joy comes from planting seeds of knowledge, and nurturing them to bloom into possibilities.
I feel like I was given the gift of being a counselor. Everyone seems to come to me with their problems. I enjoy listening, giving feedback with insights and showing them the light at the end of the tunnel. It feels natural for me to help others resolve their problems. I have a deep concern for their issues and approach these issues with empathy and compassion.
I need to feel needed. I work best when I am helping others. It seems natural for me to assist those who need my help and even those who don’t need my help. For me, the reward comes when someone smiles and says “thank you, I really appreciate what you did.”
I have a serious concern about the situation our world is in. I see people unattached to their surroundings. I see conflict; I see impositions happening to people and nature. My heart feels sad. I believe there is a divine plan unfolding. My prayer is that we can all learn to live in peace and harmony and love one another.
I feel compelled to nurture those around me. When making connections with others, I can soon sense their potential. I become excited if I’m in a place where I can help people to expand and become all that they can be. Looking for the “diamond in the rough” is what I enjoy.
Whitewater rafting, diving out of an airplane or learning how to fly is the way I like to spend my time. Adventure fuels my soul. Sometimes, this can get me into sticky situations. Being the rebel has its gifts and its challenges, but I can live life no other way.
I look forward to change. It seems like most people are afraid of change. I, however, like to instigate change to see the outcome. Change is healthy. I would much rather create the change than have someone create it for me. Change keeps me on my toes and makes each day worth living.
I find myself breaking out of the norm. If someone says it can’t be done, I’m usually the first one to ask why or try to see if it can be done. The challenge is much more interesting to me than the acceptable behavior. If it wasn’t for me, I believe we would still be doing the same old things we did hundreds of years ago.
Expanding old patterns and ideas are one of the things I look forward to. To take an idea and look at the possibilities creates many new options. Taking old forms and applying change to create a new paradigm is what I excel in doing. Once the advancement has begun, an idea begins to blossom to its full potential.
I enjoy trying new things. Old ideas and patterns bore me. I like to be different. I look forward to being unusual and I may even stand out in the crowd. My ideas usually don’t blend with others. I consider myself very assertive and risk taking.
I find it important for me to know what time I start and what time I finish. I need to know that my value is appreciated and that I will be rewarded. I feel best when I have control over my life. Indecision is my nemesis.
It seems obvious to me that the solution to many problems can easily be resolved. It makes sense to me to look at any project or problem by starting at the beginning, then shift to the middle and then look at the end. What really needs to be done is to prioritize and align these three phases to have a successful outcome.
It’s difficult for me to work when things are out of place. It’s important for me to have my environment in logical order. In any situation, I always look to see how I can eliminate the chaos and arrange things in an orderly fashion.
When working on a project, I like to make sure that everything gets done properly. I feel compelled to check not only my work but the work of others to be assured that things are completed properly. I feel that I’m the only one that really watches over things and the responsibility is left to me.
I will do whatever it takes to achieve results. I feel good when a project is completed. Yes, I push myself beyond my peers but I do it for myself, not for them. My rewards come from the feelings of a job well done.
Connecting to my inner child puts me in a state of wonder. I have the overwhelming knowledge that all things are connected and living in harmony. This state of wonder spurs me on to believe that I can do anything once I know what I want.
One of my favorite adventures is to explore an art museum. I believe that art is used as a symbolic form of soul to soul communication. Our inner self is expressed through our creativity.
Creativity is my gift. Expressing this creativity is my passion. It’s important for me to express myself creatively in all the things I do. As I become confident in my creative self, people will know me through my work.
Whenever I look at a project, or a problem, I immediately shift into seeing all the possibilities. I have a sense of how today’s work will impact future outcomes. I am spontaneous and clever in connecting people, places and things for harmonious solutions.
I bring the fun to the party with my quick wit and story-telling skills. I’ve been told that I am a magnet for people that want to have fun. I can find the humor in almost every situation.
I find myself being the mediator whenever conflict arises. It’s important for me to allow people to express their feelings and then help them resolve their issues. I enjoy the process of weaving opposites into harmony.
I know I have a gift of patience. It feels natural to me to allow time for things to develop. I enjoy the process of taking the time to check and recheck to make sure that things are proceeding on the proper path. I find it more important to encourage growth than to criticize faults.
I have an acute sense of intuition. My mind is bombarded with a constant flow of messages from the people that I am connected to. Sometimes I can be overwhelmed by others feelings. Many times I’m not sure if I’m feeling their feelings or my own.
I am sensitive to my surroundings wherever I am. I have a keen sense of space, textures and energy flow. It is important for me to be surrounded by beauty and harmony. I feel best when everything is in its proper place.
What I enjoy most is finding someone that I can engage with for a meaningful partnership or relationship. My joy comes from sharing information, feelings and dreams. Finding people I can count on is what I really desire.
I enjoy the challenge of finding a new path. When I look at problems, situations or people, I excel at finding new possibilities and solutions. I believe I was born to explore, break old paradigms and push beyond the boundaries of social expectation.
First and foremost, I enjoy listening to my own drummer. Often I feel like I’m the outsider or I just don’t fit at gatherings or when working on a team. My joy comes from being unique, spontaneous and looking at things from a different perspective.
It seems like I have an unending source of creative ideas. When I see projects or problems and focus my attention, it seems to open the floodgates of possibilities. Creating or starting new projects is what I enjoy most.
I am aware that my thoughts create my future. As I become quiet and become one with my intentions, I am able to create a clear path of what I desire. Creating my destiny is an easy task when I am clear, focused and determined.
I naturally take the role of a strong independent leader in all situations. I am driven to excel and voice my opinions. I have an inner confidence that propels me to take charge of challenging situations. I am confident, independent and sure of myself as I follow my destiny.

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