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Only 10% of salespeople are really successful.

The challenging issue with sales today is 10% of the sales force makes over 80% of the sales in almost every industry. WHY? Because only 10% of salespeople are magnetic, authentic, confident, and passionate. This leaves 90% of the sales force feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, stuck, and angry.

They say their biggest problems are:

  • Not earning what they are worth
  • No sales training
  • Too much competition
  • Not enough prospects
  • Lost their “mojo”
  • No magic – no spark – no inspiration
  • No magnetic skills

So . . . Are you ready to up your game to amazing? If you are going to be successful, you must find ways to:

  • Get back in the game
  • Reconnect with who you are and what you want
  • Activate your passion
  • Work with a successful mentor
  • Learn new skills
  • Become magnetic

The secret to MAGNETIC Sales & Marketing is building relationships. First, you must build a relationship with yourself – knowing who you are. From there you build a relationship with your company and customers/clients.

When you know WHO you are, you know WHAT to do.

This unique program is complete with the key objectives you need so you can quickly learn the secrets and the skills to become magnetic when selling your products and services. To make it easy, this program is divided into three sections – PASSION, VISION, and ACTION. Each section contains three magnetic Modules.


  • 1: KNOW Your Self
  • 2: KNOW Your Customer
  • 3: KNOW Your Company’s Brand Promise


  • 4: KNOW Your Company’s Vision
  • 5: KNOW Your Personal Success Vision
  • 6: KNOW Your Products and Services


  • 7: KNOW Your Timelines
  • 8: KNOW Your Industry’s Environment
  • 9: KNOW Your Future

MAGNETIC Sales & Marketing is the best and most complete solution for sales success on the market today! This program gives you the fast track to success. How much success?  You decide!  

You will learn quickly with your online access to:

  • 9 KNOWS of MAGNETIC Sales & Marketing
  • 9 KNOWLEDGE modules
  • 9 MAGNETIC SKILLS to develop
  • 9 PASSION in ACTION applications to practice your new magnetic skills
  • 42 Videos for each step of the program
  • Activity Journal to track your success

Be sure to take your Core Passion Assessment before beginning MAGNETIC Sales & Marketing.  Select the link below to learn more about the Core Passion Assessment.

The LIVE training includes all the Modules from the online training PLUS experiential exercises for added learning!

Learn today – succeed tomorrow!   We embedded our 60 plus combined years of personal and professional expertise in business and sales & marketing. We added all of the key elements of what we use to magnetize our clients to us.

Today we are very excited to share our powerful MAGNETIC Sales & Marketing program with you to mentor your success.

Get started.

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