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Are you at a crossroads looking for direction, passion, and purpose?

Discover a simple process to first learn who you are and what is important to you. Then discover which career opportunity is the best fit to support your life and fulfill you.

Who needs the Career Seeker?

  • High school students seeking a career field
  • College students choosing a major
  • College graduates searching for a job and career
  • People changing careers or re-entering the workplace
  • Military personnel re-entering civilian life and aligning new skills for a career
  • Professionals looking for tools to increase employee engagement

What are the challenges you encounter at the Crossroads?

  • Clarity of WHO you are with self-awareness
  • Clarity of What you want for a career
  • Language to explain your struggles
  • Self-awareness of Passion and Purpose
  • Confidence in making career decisions
  • Techniques to weigh career options for best fit

How does the Career Seeker benefit you?

  • Measures passion for customized career exploration
  • Helps you make informed career decisions
  • Empowers you to connect with career opportunities
  • Evaluates career opportunities for best fit
  • Helps you find meaning in almost any job
  • Increases your engagement with a company
  • Increases your employability

What do you as a Career Seeker graduate bring to an organization?

  • Deliver better performance
  • Achieve higher productivity
  • Exhibit higher creativity
  • Demonstrate higher collaboration
  • Award-worthy results
  • Higher employment retention
  • Greater satisfaction

Get Started

Need a career? Find your passion with a three-step process of explore, measure, and pursue.

Find out who you are and what you’re here to do. Discover how a career opportunity fits for you before jumping in. Use a proven process to rate each career opportunity to find the best career for you.


  • Online Learning Programs
  • Guided Career Seeker experience
  • Companion Journal PDF
  • Do-It-Yoursef (DIY) Video Modules

Pre-requisite: Core Passion Assessment with a 21-page report. A great value at $90 US.

The Career Seeker guided experience begins with the Core Passion Assessment and launches you into the Career Seeker Curriculum.


$260 US


Here are the steps to follow to get started on your adventure.

  1. Purchase the Core Passion Assessment and the Career Seeker. Select the BUY NOW button above to view the Career Seeker product.  Be sure to add the listed Core Passion Assessment to your cart too by selecting it at the bottom of the product page.
  2. After your purchase, select the ENTER MY CAREER SEEKER button at the top of your Thank You page. Watch for an email with your login credentials.  Note if you start later, simply select LOGIN on the menu to begin.
  3. After you enter the My Career Seeker portal, you will see the Welcome page first. Continue the program by clicking the red Next arrow button on the top right of the page. After the introduction instructions, you will begin your Core Passion Assessment and then continue to the Career Seeker content.


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