Building Another Career Opportunity

Building Another Career Opportunity


You are ready to create your second Career Opportunity statement. This time change the selections to explore different work environments, industries or occupations. Simply click the red NEXT arrow to begin creating your second Career Opportunity statement.

Have fun and explore! Keep tweaking and adjusting the Career Opportunity statement until you are satisfied with at least two statements you saved.

In the next section Measure!, you will be able to rate how much these Career Opportunity statements support WHO you are and WHAT you want to do. Having two statements allows you to compare the results and see how they are different.

Want more than two Career Opportunity statements? You can build another statement by dropping down the menu at the top center of the My Career Seeker portal and selecting the Careers Signpost icon.  Click the Plus (+) sign icon at the bottom of the list to add another Career Opportunity statement.

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