Lori Palm


Creativity Joy Bringer, Cheerleader, Artist Your Core Passion® Code, Creativity, is creative self-expression, enthusiasm, and imagination. Your desire is to be creative, but your passion is to express this creativity. This may show up being a writer, moviemaker, singer, musician, or artist. You have the ability to take a unique idea or thought and create a colorful …

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Partnership Peacemaker, Partner, Diplomat Your Core Passion® Code, Partnership, is to be with others. You work best when you’re holding space for someone else. You like to bounce ideas off others. Your quest is for feedback in conversations and experiences. This feedback lets you know how you’re doing and that is your passion. Being gentle and …

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Recognition Leader, Warrior, Adventurer Your Core Passion® Code is Recognition. Behind all things you do, there is an inner desire for recognition for your accomplishments. This recognition can come from something as small as the personal achievement of sticking to a diet or as large as the public achievement of being recognized as outstanding in your career …

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