Lori Palm

Call of the Conch

Questions can be dangerous – they require tremendous courage to ask because new questions lead to new ways of perceiving. All new and original thought begins with a question, which leads to an exploration.
Answers are everywhere, but first you must ask a question. I was at a crossroads and my exploration began with an unspoken question to the Universe . . . Can I have what I really want?

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Spinning Wheel

One of the natural laws of the universe is that life is a constant movement. What goes in must come out, what goes up must come down, and what goes backward must move forward. Anything that sits too long becomes stifled and stagnant. Life can be symbolized by the turning wheel of fortune. Your fortune is changing, gaining and losing.

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My Trumpet and the Conch

The conch shell is the most ancient wind instrument known to man. It is the messenger, symbolic in many cultures and still used in ceremony today. The conch shell is recognized as the first trumpet. Both the trumpet and conch shell have been very important throughout my life. It’s only in looking back that I discovered the thread.

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