Quick Study 2

Core Passion® Quick Study Guide

Passion Essence Gift Challenge Lesson
Research -Wizard -Seeker -Scientist Mystical -Higher knowledge, understand the mystery of life, Analytical, intuitive -Connection to the unseen world -Silent and aloof -Unorthodox viewpoints -Loneliness and isolation -Stay balanced -Find love, affection and tenderness -Letting the world touch you
Power -C.E.O. -General -Authority Power -Strength & courage to undertake large project -Weave universal principles with everyday life -Resist being consumed by acquisition of wealth -Ordering, intimidating and dominating people -Claiming and utilizing gift of power -Personal power w/o dominance or intimation -Working with compassion
Enlightenment -Healer -Philanthropist -Humanitarian Humanitarian -Power to create and regenerate -Magnetism, power to influence others -Ability to create alchemy -Love unconditionally with an open heart -Intolerant, possessive, unsympathetic, selfish, greedy -Learning ebb and flow -Release and letting go in order to receive -Detach and open heart to all
Inspiration -Visionary -Light to the World Master Inspirer -Get intuitive information -Activate passion to inspire others -Turn challenges into opportunities -Overcoming self-doubt -Overloaded with information -Frustrated within, impatient -Acceptance of highly attuned intuitive skills -Trust information you’re receiving is truth
Mastership -Visionary -Master Architect Master Builder -Ability to connect with many dimensions of knowingness -Provide logic and form to visions -Overly sensitive to criticism or judgments -Stubborn and slow to respond -Fantasy of grandiose realms Weave ancient wisdom with modern technology to create a usable form in the present moment -Build big projects
Compassion -Teacher of Teachers -Master of Healing Master Teacher -Love personified -Speaking from the heart -Unaffected by power -Detachment -Set healthy boundaries -Stay balanced -Judgmental -Mental, emotional, spiritual detachment -Express integrity in all -Love without judgment