Teacher of Teachers, Master of Compassion, Master of Healing

You are the master teacher. You are idealistic, compassionate, and a humanitarian who loves your family, your friends, and close associates. You not only believe, you also know that there is an inner driving force of enlightened information that you need to share with the world. Your life seems almost frustrating as you discover that whatever you’re doing really isn’t changing enough people to make a difference. Your quest is to share your knowingness and express compassion to everyone you meet. You have difficulty focusing on the day-to-day tasks that are laid before you. You are the heartful protective parent who watches over a flock and knows where everyone is as you keep them out of harm’s way. You are the family counselor to whom everyone comes for advice.


The gift of the Core Passion® Code, Compassion, is love personified. Speaking from the heart is the natural way you communicate. Your words are woven with humility and you are unaffected by the power you possess. You have the ability to see beyond the situation to the good of all people.


The challenge of the Core Passion® Code, Compassion, is detachment. Learning to set healthy boundaries, you must learn you cannot help everyone. The challenge is to stay balanced – between work and play, action and inaction, being proactive and inactive. The greatest challenge is to not judge. Your wisdom causes you to believe your perspective is the only correct way, which causes you to judge others. You must remain compassionate and detached from the emotional outcome of the way you believe things should be.


The lesson of the Core Passion® Code, Compassion, is mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical detachment.

You must learn to be aware that you carry an inner light, a frequency that has a magnetic quality. People are drawn to you for who you are and for what you know. Your lesson is to express integrity in all your actions, words, and deeds. For you are the way-shower and must set the tone for others for the highest quality of love.

Your lesson is to love without judgment.


You are the teacher of humanitarian principles. In a family, you are often the one who sets the ideal guidelines for behavior. In a business, you often become the corporate counselor. People flock to you for your wisdom and discernment in difficult situations. In social settings, you are the one people gather around seeking heartfelt stories, witticisms, and wisdom as you share events about your life and the ways of the world.


I understand my mission in life is to express compassion wherever I go. My life is not about doing, but more about being. I must work with myself to release judgments, fears, anger, and jealously so that I may share this enlightened perspective wherever I am. I feel like I must teach. However, I realize that teaching for me must be on a large scale. It seems like the information I want to share needs to be shared with the masses.