Master Builder, Visionary, Master Architect

As a master, you are the one who has been chosen to make things happen. You have the gift of the visionary who sits on a hill and observes the valley below. From this position of observation, you are able to view and undertake any and all large projects. Your unique gift is to take these huge undertakings and break them down into bite sized pieces so others may be assigned to their specialized tasks to complete the project. You are capable, efficient, and persevering. Your hardworking logic and focus are the tools you use in everyday life. You have an inner feeling that there is a “mission” of something that you must do in this lifetime, perhaps a form you must create and build.


The gift of the Core Passion® Code, Mastership, is the ability to connect with the many dimensions of knowingness. You weave ancient wisdom with modern technology. You use the energy of sacred geometry and sacred life force intentions to create and bring form in this dimension. You are a natural leader with exceptional organizational ability. You provide logic and form to visions.


The challenge of the Core Passion® Code, Mastership, is that you are very sensitive and can easily become overwhelmed. You tend to be overly sensitive to criticism or judgments. You can be stubborn and slow to respond. Your passion is your biggest challenge. You can become a workaholic as you become driven to finish your project. You can get caught up in the fantasy of grandiose dreams of self-glorification.


The lesson of the Core Passion® Code, Mastership, is using your gift of weaving ancient wisdom and modern technology to create a usable form in the present moment. You must use the desire to build big projects to bring greater good to all as you use your gifts to create forms that can assist the needs of the planet.


You have the ability to be the ideal partner. You could even be considered a real gem. You are practical, loyal, and a visionary with the ability to see both sides of any disagreement. Your mediation skills cause you to be sought for personal and professional relationships. Once a project or task has been assigned to you, your partner knows it will be carried out to the highest degree of efficiency. They need not look back to see if it’s done.


I realize I have a mission to complete in this lifetime. My gifts of being a visionary and a builder, and my skills of discernment, are the tools I must connect to on a daily basis. To keep me focused, I must set aside quiet time each day to connect with my own inner picture of what I must do. I must take action to achieve my goals.