Master of Inspiration, Visionary, Light to the World


The Core Passion® Code, Inspiration, is true to its name. You have been given the gift of inspiration to transform people’s lives. Your connection to your soul and inner wisdom gives you a direct line of communication with your intuition. These intuitive messages give you the ability to discern fears, dreams, and fantasies of others.

You have the unique ability to connect with all of these paradigms and give practical information to assist others in moving forward with their lives. You are more than a teacher. You inspire. When you inspire, you become passionate about the process of transformation that is about to happen with people you’re working with. You have a magnetic inner light that draws friends, associates, and strangers for the special information that you need to deliver just for them.


The gift of the Core Passion® Code, Inspiration, is the ability to use your intuitive information and activate the passion to inspire others on their journey to learn more of who they are. You not only teach, you also inspire.

You have the ability to turn challenges into opportunities by getting people to shift their perspectives on how they see their current blocks. Through adding the color of emotions you explore the possibilities and options that lay in the path of those you counsel.


The challenge of the Core Passion® Code, Inspiration, is overcoming self-doubt. Your highly attuned intuitive communication network often causes you to become overloaded with information. This can cause you to slip into a nervous energy that feels like there is something you forgot to do. You often find yourself becoming frustrated within, and become impatient that you are not achieving your goals in a timely manner. You set higher standards for yourself than for others. You sometimes walk a fine line between greatness and self-destruction.


The lesson for the Core Passion® Code, Inspiration, is acceptance of your highly attuned intuitive skills, to trust the information you‘re receiving is truth. This gift must be used for yourself and others to inspire true passion in all that you teach and do.


You have the potential to be the ideal mate, partner, or business associate. Your gift of intuition allows you to know what your partners want even before they know what they want. Miraculously, before they even ask, you are able to deliver the desires and needs they have been pondering. Your ideal role is to inspire powerful people so they may become all of who they really are.


I trust and use my gift of intuition and passion. I weave my teaching abilities and passion to inspire people to become more of who they can really be. I have the patience to allow the growth of others to be developed with their own time lines. It’s important for me to surround myself with beautiful things that reflect the inner light that I carry.