Healer, Mystic, Philanthropist, Humanitarian


The Core Passion® Code, Enlightenment, is the ultimate humanitarian. You are a dreamer and romantic. For you, life is a novel waiting to be lived. You are very sensitive, impressionable, and dynamic. You carry an air about you of being a highly evolved soul. Your focus on life is about caring, practicing humanitarian ideals and observing humanity with a compassionate heart. For you, the quality of life is the path you seek. Sharing this quality with others and teaching them about it is your passion. You gather your energy and power through the energy of the people who surround you. You tend to avoid the petty details in life and choose to focus on the big picture.

Often you’ll find yourself focusing on a profession that provides you with limitless opportunities, the freedom to make your choices, and a path that serves humanity.


The gift of the Core Passion® Code, Enlightenment, is the power to create and regenerate. You have a wide range of feelings, a sensitive nature, and a vivid imagination. You have a striking personal magnetism and an incredible power to influence others. You have the ability to create alchemy.


The challenge of the Core Passion® Code, Enlightenment, is to love unconditionally and to love with an open heart. Living life with your highly sensitive and emotional nature creates health issues that can become a challenge. You must release the behavior of being intolerant, possessive, unsympathetic, selfish and greedy.


The lesson for the Core Passion® Code, Enlightenment, is learning the lessons of ebb and flow. You must learn, develop, and practice the universal principles of release and letting go in order to receive. It’s the lesson of The

Phoenix, the lesson of death and rebirth. You must learn to detach and open your heart to all. Your biggest lesson is to serve and promote universal brotherhood with compassion.


You can be an ideal mate or partner by being generous with your time, money, and wisdom. For you, attending a concert or play and going out for fine dining is an ideal evening. You receive joy from sharing time with your partner, friends, and associates. Your relationships in business are often with people who have a mission in life and appear to be driven with an inner passion. In partnerships, you see yourself assisting, and you pair up very well with them. In the corporate world, you are the visionary, who can multi-task and oversee many projects.


I am a powerful visionary who constantly seeks to raise the consciousness and quality of living for humanity. I understand that my visions may be ahead of their time and I may be challenged with the implementation of my beliefs. I work with my compassion to love without emotional expectations. I embrace, enjoy, and release all things that I love. I accept my fellow humans for where they are on their paths.