C.E.O., General, Authority

The Core Passion® Code, Power, is the need to control your environment and surroundings. You demand to be in control and will not settle for anything less. Your creed is truth, honesty, and results. You are an organizer and an administrator. You have strong principles and a sense of order. Your friends tend to be successful business professionals with whom you can share and from whom you can learn. You are self-confident and implement your ideas rather abruptly. You have a keen sense of value and always insist on buying wholesale. You’re comfortable in the role of advisor or leader. You are a rather strict authoritative figure and become defensive if challenged.


The gift of the Core Passion® Code, Power, is the ability to size up any situation and create a plan for completion.

You have the ability to organize and see the larger picture as well as small details. You have the strength and courage to undertake large projects, financial risks, and the management of large organizations. You can weave universal principles with everyday life, creating successful outcomes for people and projects.


The challenge of the Core Passion® Code, Power, is to resist being consumed by the acquisition of wealth. You have an excessive drive to live only for money. You are also challenged to use your executive abilities without ordering, intimidating, and dominating people.


The lesson of the Core Passion® Code, Power ,is empowerment by claiming and utilizing your own gift of power.

You must learn the correct use of power, and to believe in your own personal power without dominance or intimidation. In empowering others, you bring higher knowledge into the everyday workplace and inspire wisdom. Working with compassion is your ultimate goal.


You tend to treat a relationship much like a business deal. You demand loyalty, honesty, and commitment.

Rarely are you able to even desire to express how you feel about something. You are more comfortable as the leader or strong partner rather than the subordinate. In personal relationships, you become the dominant partner. You demand order and time out so that you maintain control of your environment. In social relationships, you rarely attend casual events. You focus on gatherings that will promote your career. Often you show up tardy, sending the message that you had something much more important to deal with before coming.


My ultimate desire is to gain control over my life. I feel best when I know where everything and everyone is. I receive joy and maintain confidence as I manifest material objects such as property, cars, equipment, or companies. I am a master of business. I have the ability to manage others. I have the ability to create and run a successful enterprise. My wisdom comes from schooling and intuition woven together. My success comes from using my intuitive skills to integrate what I have learned into my every decision.