Wizard, Researcher, Spiritual Seeker, Scientist

The Core Passion® Code, Research, is the quest for knowledge. Your questions are many and your answers never seem to be enough. You are constantly searching to find the meaning of life. You tend to be quiet and reserved, and would rather stay home and read a good book than go to a party. You have a magnetic personality that draws people into your life. Relationships with people bring up issues of trust and your ability to discern.

Learning to trust your intuition is a valuable tool that will guide you on your quest for knowledge, security, and trusting relationships. You are a bit of a magician in the way you do life. You have an inner knowing of shortcuts and taking the unknown path to achieve an outcome that others would not dream of. You enjoy working alone and quiet time is important for you. In the quiet is the place where you nourish your soul and become refreshed with new ideas.


The gift of the Core Passion® Code, Research, opens the door to higher knowledge and to understanding the mystery of life. You have a keen sense of observation and insight, and have a great connection to the unseen world. You are gifted with an analytical mind as well as a contemplative approach to life. Your quest is to go within, and understand knowledge on a higher level. Your intuition is your greatest asset.


The challenge of the Core Passion® Code, Research, is to have friends, marriage, or any relationship with another human being. Not only are you silent and aloof, but your inner journeys have resulted in unorthodox viewpoints.

It is a challenge to find someone who sees the world as you do. Your greatest challenge is learning to deal with aloneness. In your desire for solitude, you must not let your aloneness turn into loneliness and isolation.


The lesson of the Core Passion® Code, Research, is to stay balanced as you search for perfection. In other words, do not be such a perfectionist. You must learn to find love, affection and tenderness by reaching out into the world and letting the world touch you.


Relationships are the major challenge in your life. It seems that people you are most attracted to can cause you the most discomfort. You can mix well; you have great conversation skills and the ability to talk about any subject. You have an aura of secrecy about you that rarely allows others to really get to know you. You believe you are open and sharing. However, if you ask, you may discover that such a belief is only your perspective. Your guarded secrets tend to give you a feeling of safety and control. You believe it keeps you from becoming vulnerable, your biggest fear.


As I learn to trust my intuition as a researcher through reading and relating to others, I am able to develop trust and discernment. I have learned that if I share some of my secrets, it dispels my myth that I’m vulnerable.

Secrets have kept me separate. Truth has set me free.