Counselor, Teacher, Caregiver

The Core Passion® Code, Service, receives fulfillment in life by giving service to others. Your passion is to teach others about a better way of life. Giving service can look like being a teacher, a counselor, a judge, or the head of a family. Giving service means sharing with others the understanding of an easier way. You want to teach people a better way to live by eliminating the hardships and perils you tend to see. You are an upholder of justice, very traditional and you believe in hard work to attain your goals. You crave responsibility so you can have the attention of others as you guide them. People tend to come to you naturally for advice and counseling.

The support you give them comes from a deep understanding that you know the proper answer. Family and community are very important. It seems essential that you are a strong part of both.


The gift of the Core Passion® Code, Service, is wisdom and guidance from the heart. You have the ability to make a full commitment and take on great responsibility. Your greatest gift is your loving nature. You nurture, give, serve, comfort, understand, and protect those you care about. You are artistic, imaginative, and have an excellent sense of color. You bring harmony and balance to all that you do. You are an excellent counselor.


The challenge of the Core Passion® Code, Service, is long-suffering martyrdom. You sacrifice so much that there is nothing left to give or any heart to love. You can develop fantasies about matters of the heart. A challenge is becoming judgmental and taking a position on an issue that you need to defend. When challenged about your perspectives, you tend to become very rigid and stubborn. You believe with all your heart that your perspective is the right one.


The lesson of the Core Passion® Code, Service, is learning to give and receive to create balance in your life. Your lesson in life is to trust your heart to be able to create healthy boundaries. Learn to give self-praise and speak up in the moment about your feelings. It is important that you are mindful of maintaining balance as you get caught up in your service and forget the intention of what you started to create. You become a selfless servant instead of a balanced counselor.


To love and be loved is your deepest desire. Relationships are important to you on many levels. Your focus is more on family, group, or community than one-on-one relationships. You believe the information that you share can help many and your time is more effective if you work in large numbers. You are typically the head of the household, the chairman of the board, or the pillar of the community. You crave the responsibility that these positions allow you to have. You are heartful, caring, and knowing, and you treat others from a position of caring and nurturing.


I maintain healthy boundaries as I focus balance into all my service work. I allow my heart to guide me as I share my wisdom to teach others about life. My family, my friends and my community come first. I watch over these on a daily basis and share wisdom and guidance when needed.