Rebel, Risk Taker, Free Spirit

The Core Passion® Code, Change, causes some people to call you the rebel. Your role is both to challenge and accept structure. You are constantly seeking tactile, sensual experiences to give you feedback to help you better define yourself. You become excited when you find a new way to experience something. Often, this new way challenges social behaviors and you can find yourself breaking or bending the rules. You desire to discover new ways of experiencing an old paradigm. Your mind is constantly thinking, “I wonder if. . .” Then, without caution for consequences, you dive into a new experience just to see what happens. You are the trailblazer, the adventurer, and the inventor who keeps humanity pushing toward the cutting edge of life. Often you are criticized for your careless escapades and just as many times you are heralded as a brave, courageous hero who is willing to venture forth where others fear to tread.


The gift of the Core Passion® Code, Change, is a curious mind that is always looking for a crack between practical and impractical. That is the space where new adventures begin. You tend to have a reckless spirit that is willing to take a chance to explore. These explorations lead you into experiences that need to be shared, defined, and expressed so that others can make a decision about whether or not they should choose to follow in your footsteps. You have the ability to add color to your stories by sharing the incredible emotional experiences that you have had on your journey learning about life. You have a magnetism that comes from your enthusiastic response to life. People are drawn to your wit and quick creative mind.


The challenge of the Core Passion® Code, Change, is to focus and live in harmony. The energy of change can become addictive, causing change to be the entire focus of your life. Therefore your energy becomes lost and you are unable to create anything logical or practical in your life. You may get sidetracked in the energy of disruption or adventure and lose sight of any practical application in your life. You could become the gypsy or the vagabond, always wondering what’s waiting for you over the next horizon. By losing your focus, you scatter your potential and end up with nothing to show for your many talents. You can get lost in tactile, physical desires.


The lesson of the Core Passion® Code, Change, is the constructive use of freedom and learning to do things in moderation. Instead of getting caught in the loop of change, you must use your abilities to negotiate a positive application of change. Positive reward of change is bringing new, practical ideas out of the chaos of change. Use your freedom constructively by establishing structure and creating stability so that you can truly enjoy the freedom you so desperately desire.


In personal relationships, you tend to avoid being committed to one particular person. You fear that commitment may bring restrictions to your freedom. Because of your unusual approach to life, you tend to attract a variety of people with whom to experience relationships. In the social world, you’re the fast moving hard driving person who is always looking for an adventure. You like sports, you’re competitive, you’re interesting, and you don’t sit still for more than a moment. In business, you’re the person who networks, travels, explores new territories, and promotes new ideas and products. You are constantly looking for new projects and clients to conquer.


I am constantly looking for new ways to experience the traditional patterns of life. I realize I can be disruptive in my quest for a new challenge. I understand that I work best when I blend my spirit of adventure with traditional values.