Builder, Manager, Worker

Your Core Passion® Code, Form, is practical and hardworking. You are very connected to the earth and are happiest when you are out in nature. You tend to be on the serious side. You are sensible, rational, honest, and realistic. The statement, “Get your work done first and then you can play” is your motto. You make an excellent employee or employer. You’re usually early to work and probably the last one to leave. You become frustrated watching others taking time for conversations and coffee breaks when they don’t seem focused on their tasks.

You work best when a routine schedule is followed. You are here to materialize the conceptual, to support, to carry out, to create order, and to systematize. You bring form to the vision.


The gift of the Core Passion® Code, Form, is endurance, dedication, and discipline. You naturally bring order to chaos. You tend to work at a slow and steady pace with rewards coming from knowing that the job is well done.

You have the ability to see the beginning, the middle, and the end of a project. You bring order, logic, and structure to all that you do.


The challenge of the Core Passion® Code, Form, is change. When your routine or plans are disrupted, you tend to become rigid instead of resilient. You need to be cautious that you don’t become so focused on your work that you become insensitive to the feelings of others. When visuals and directions are not clear to you, you become stubborn and disoriented. You need to see form as a foundation rather than a box that restricts growth.


The lesson of the Core Passion® Code, Form, is to be flexible. You must look outside the box, get out of the rut, and take a risk. By taking a chance, you will be creative with your options. You must release beliefs that if the plan is changed, it won’t work out as well.


In relationships for the Core Passion® Code, Form, you are the glue that holds “it” together. You have a plan and you work your plan. You have the characteristics to create the ideal home and family. You are the responsible provider and your focus is on sticking to the program and making sure everything gets done. In the business world, you bring logic and wisdom through your responsible approach to projects placed before you. You have the ability to take a creative idea and put form to it so that it can be used in a practical manner. In social relationships, they can always count on you to be part of a foursome to play golf or to be part of a team. You are the one people count on for support.


I make “it” happen. I have the wisdom to take abstract ideas and mold them into a practical plan. I take the responsibility to make sure the job gets done. I work hard because I like to and I expect others to do the same. I must learn to be flexible and sensitive to others’ ideas and needs. I must accept my role of responsibility as a badge of honor. Without my gifts, chances are nothing would ever take form and the work probably would never get done.