Joy Bringer, Cheerleader, Artist

Your Core Passion® Code, Creativity, is creative self-expression, enthusiasm, and imagination. Your desire is to be creative, but your passion is to express this creativity. This may show up being a writer, moviemaker, singer, musician, or artist. You have the ability to take a unique idea or thought and create a colorful image for yourself and others to enjoy. You love to socialize. Your gift of gab can make you the life of the party or an excellent salesperson. It’s important that you think things through and weave all the parts of the story together as you express the message you want to share.


The Core Passion® Code, Creativity, is blessed with a happy spirit, a sense of humor, optimism and an enthusiasm for life. You are lucky in both money and opportunity. You have an uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right time. You always know that whatever you want will be there. You are lucky. You are very smart.


The biggest challenge is to find appropriate channels for your creativity, enthusiasm, and exuberance. You are challenged to keep the spirit of the inner child alive, so it is important to maintain relationships that are playful and positive. One of the everyday challenges of Creativity is trying to stay focused and remember where you left your car keys. This is the clue that you have disconnected from the present moment. You must learn to speak straight from the heart. You must find words to match the emotions you feel and find the courage to utter the words.


The lesson for the Core Passion® Code, Creativity, is to stay in the moment and not scatter your energy. Also you must learn to walk the middle road. Bouncing from one end of the continuum to the other causes you to become scattered and depressed. Taking time to meditate and bring yourself back to the present moment puts you back in the place of your creative forces.


The Core Passion® Code, Creativity, can be a very exciting relationship if your mate is willing to be spontaneous and does not need to share the limelight. You are a devoted partner who loves to play. You are willing to be creative with your children in exploring their fantasies. You will have many close friends, as you love variety and are always eager to be part of the social scene. Business relationships find you being the one who makes the plans about where you’re going to travel, what types of products you will market, and where you find fine dining in the evening. You are the entertainer and the one to make sure everyone is having a good time. You are a great storyteller.


I realize my creative expression must be filled with enthusiasm and colorful words as I express my creativity. I understand that I am able to weave parts and pieces of a story, a business deal, or a relationship into a win-win outcome. I am able to see all parts of the situation and creatively bring it together. I am great at getting projects started. However, it is best if I leave the details to others.