Peacemaker, Partner, Diplomat

Your Core Passion® Code, Partnership, is to be with others. You work best when you’re holding space for someone else. You like to bounce ideas off others. Your quest is for feedback in conversations and experiences.

This feedback lets you know how you’re doing and that is your passion. Being gentle and sensitive, what you want most is cooperation and companionship. You are the diplomat and the mediator, as well as the joiner.

Patience is your virtue. You know that slow and steady wins the race.


The Core Passion® Code, Partnership, has blessed you with a finely tuned sensitivity and understanding.Excellent at mediation and drawing people together for peaceful resolution, you seek the perfect balance between any opposition. You have an excellent sense of timing and are blessed with an innate sense of rhythm and harmony. You understand that setbacks can be a very important time to gather information to create a win-win outcome. Beauty, color, music, and friendship are very important to you and bring a harmonic rhythm to all you do.


The challenge for the Core Passion® Code, Partnership, is figuring out how to be seen as cooperative without ignoring your own independence and personal needs. In waiting for the “right time” you can get caught in indecisiveness and sometimes miss opportunities. Impatience may show up when you’re not in harmony, when you’re trying to make something happen instead of letting it emerge. Your extreme sensitivity may cause you to take things personally which can stop the flow of your life.


The lesson of the Core Passion® Code, Partnership, is to be true to yourself and not be a doormat for others. You must learn to speak up with tactfulness and stand up for yourself. In your great desire to live in peace with all, you must first respect yourself. Your lesson in life is to look at your relationship to all things. First to yourself – are your words, your actions, and your deeds in harmony? Are your partnerships and relationships in alignment with your goals, your dreams, and your fantasies? Do the surroundings in your home reflect the beauty you desperately require? Being consciously aware of your relationship to all things is the key to your joy.


The Core Passion® Code, Partnership, starts with itself to build strong relationships. You are a natural partner. You are able to adjust to others and to your surroundings. You tend to become fussy as you are constantly shifting things in your environment to create the inner harmony you desire. In your social life, you enjoy the intimacy of one-on-one conversations rather than large gatherings. In business, you get really excited if you are assigned to support the person in charge and take care of necessary details to make things happen. In partnership, you become the perfect mate as long as you are loved and supported. You create a beautiful home and take care of all the details.


I create and support beauty and harmony everywhere I am. Healthy partnerships and relationships fuel my soul. I have a knack for reading people’s thoughts and understanding their motivations. I know I work best when I am supported by, or I am supporting, a relationship with a person I really enjoy. My energy comes from being part of something. Playing my part while assisting others in playing theirs is my role in life.