Leader, Warrior, Adventurer

Your Core Passion® Code is Recognition. Behind all things you do, there is an inner desire for recognition for your accomplishments. This recognition can come from something as small as the personal achievement of sticking to a diet or as large as the public achievement of being recognized as outstanding in your career field.

Your purpose in life is independence, originality, innovation, courage and initiative. The role of leadership is an excellent position to achieve the recognition you so strongly desire. You are gifted with a strong will that is supported by your determination. You find that you enjoy working alone and being part of a group or team has little interest for you. You have a highly developed sense of intuition. This can create a nervous energy as the information just keeps coming. Learning to trust this intuitive information assists you in solving problems, developing confidence and knowing discernment.


The gift of the Core Passion® Code, Recognition, is confidence, creativity, vital energy, and an independent spirit.

You view the world from yourself outward. All of your creative ideas come from within, which sparks creativity of new inventions and new paradigms. Like the mouth of a river, you represent the beginning of where all things start.


You enjoy beginnings, but are challenged to stick around for the endings. The challenge of the Core Passion® Code, Recognition, is self consciousness, lack of self-esteem and belief in your higher self. To compensate, these emotional challenges can show up in behaviors such as aggression, dominance, recklessness, and impulsiveness.

Much of these negative expressions arise out of fear. These emotional challenges can also show up as being overwhelmed and being victimized. You might use sentences such as “I was going to, but. . .” or “Everything was ready, however. . .” or “And I was all set to begin, but then. . .”


The lesson of the Core Passion® Code, Recognition, is to develop a strong inner sense of confidence and knowingness. Achieving recognition through leadership will offer opportunities that will propel you into your gifts and challenges on a daily basis. Expressing these gifts and overcoming these challenges is the pathway to embracing and achieving the recognition you so highly desire.


The Core Passion® Code, Recognition, creates some definite guidelines for relationships. Relationships must be with people who are peers. Your relationships must be mentally creative, have a strong sense of independence, have good communication skills, and express loyalty. They must have the ability to be attached without dependency. Support comes from being recognized and loved without being challenged.


I admit that my passion is to first understand who I am and then develop, integrate, and become recognized for this identity. I do this first for myself so that others may have this recognition when they meet me. My true Core Passion® Code, Recognition, develops confidence from within and expresses it in my life.