About the Assessment

About the Assessment

The Core Passion® Assessment (CPA, © 2003 — 2015) was developed to categorize Core Passion® Codes for individuals interested in pursuing a path of personal development related to career development and business ventures. The categories are: Recognition, Partnership, Creativity, Form, Change, Service, Research, Power, Enlightenment, Inspiration, Mastership, and Compassion.

A draft of the CPA was reviewed by an expert panel before it was pilot tested. That panel consisted of three individuals representing diverse areas of assessment. The subject matter expert was Lori Palm, the creator and consultant of Core Passion®. The measurement expert was Gail Lorenz, Ph.D., a research consultant and higher education administrator. The technology expert was Lori Lorenz, a computer programmer and technical writer.

Pilot tests of the CPA established precise wording, a dictionary of definitions, and the optimum number of items to include in the measurement instrument. The current version 1.5.3 has been used in various workshops so that norms have been developed to provide references for interpreting individual scores.

The CPA not only gives individualized reports using scores, but also provides interpretations that are easy to understand by using symbols and icons to represent a person’s results.

In addition to personal reports, the CPA provides aggregated reports for consultants who want to know the distribution of results when working with groups. The CPA is valuable for team building within organizations and forming community relationships in the modern workplace.


Further qualities that represent sound measurement techniques are being established. A validity study has been conducted by giving groups of individuals the CPA and a standard test to correlate the scores.

A study about reliability is available to look at scores on the CPA that are found at different points in time. Visit www.corepassion.com for a copy of this report.

The scores are tabulated by sorting the answers by the Core Passion® categories and then totaling each category. The higher the score, the more a Core Passion® category item occurs in a person’s life. The

Core Passion® Profile graph displays the 12 category totals in a bar chart to visually compare the variation in scores from highest to lowest.

Note that the CPA was previously named the Passion Portal Assessment Tool (from 2003 to 2007.) Only the title of the report was changed. The assessment itself had no changes that might impact the reliability, validity or interpretation.