The Quest: You are Totally Unique

The Quest

You are Totally Unique

You are totally unique. The universe is bound by the universal law of uniqueness, no two snowflakes are alike and humans are no exception. You are totally unique and cannot be reproduced in exactly the same way. But who are you? Why are you here? And what are you really supposed to be doing? All new and original thought begins with a question, which leads to an exploration. These are the core questions that start the Quest to find out who you are.

The Core Passion® Matrix shows you how we are all connected – our inner and outer connection to our self and to the world. Your top five Core Passion® Codes are the power source that drives you to do what you do. The remaining seven Core Passion® Codes support you in all the decisions you make every day. Since birth you’ve been working with these twelve codes at a subconscious level; and now that you are able to identify them on a conscious level, you have the opportunity to be more proactive and get in alignment with who you really are. You become more authentic as you consciously weave, balance and blend your top five Core Passion® Codes. You begin constructing a bridge that connects the unknown parts of yourself to the known and the unseen parts of your life to the seen.

Core Passion® Codes

Discovering your unique codes within your Core Passion® Profile are the keys to your personal power. Core Passion® energy is what drives you to do what you do – has always driven you. As you follow the thread of Core Passion® energy in your life back to when you were young, you will understand that this driving force has always been there. All major decisions in your life were made based on these driving forces. You were either in the gift or the challenge of your Core Passion® Codes. As you put words to these codes, you will understand your relationship with yourself and create a measuring tool for your future vision. When you’re in alignment with your Core Passion® Codes – things work, and when you’re not in alignment – they don’t.

The key aspects of the Core Passion® Codes are the gift, the challenge, the lesson, relationships and the affirmations. These key aspects when identified, acknowledged, honored and woven together create a solid understanding of who you really are and why you do what you do. Our greatest gift is also our greatest challenge. Each Core Passion® Code carries its own gift, challenge and lesson.


The Gift is something you own.
The Challenge is something you don’t want to own.
The Lesson is the responsibility of owning and becoming both to achieve balance.

The Gift

The gifts in your life are something you are naturally good at and comfortable doing. You did not have to learn them; they are just part of your life. You excel at your gifts without trying. You are born with them.

The Challenge

The challenges in your life become your adversaries and your teachers. Becoming whole and balanced means you have to face and conquer your weaknesses. Challenges are not meant to be overcome but instead teach you what you must become.

The Lesson

Lessons are something to be learned in this life because you haven’t experienced or leaned them in the past. Lessons are the process of learning as you return to balance. Learning the lessons may not be easy, but when you make the effort, life flows. The lesson is achieved as you learn to observe without judgment. Judgment restricts the process of learning. When you label something as good, bad, right or wrong, it can no longer continue to unfold and become your teacher. Staying neutral and observing are the keys to learning the lesson.


Relationships become your mirrors. What you see in others is a reflection of what you want, need or have. Relationships are connected through emotions, thoughts, agreements and space. Relationships become your workplace to express and hone your Core Passion® Codes. They are the meeting place, the sacred space, where the dance begins to discover your inner self.


Affirmations are a declaration of the truth being acknowledged. It is an agreement of what you know and what you intend to do with this knowledge. When you declare your affirmation, you are activating your Core Passion® intention into present moment action at a very deep level. You are commanding your commitment to manifest the burning desire of your Core Passion® Codes.