How to Get the Most Out of this Core Passion® Report

How to Get the Most Out of this Core Passion® Report

The intention we have with this assessment is to make you aware there are powerful energy forces encoded in you at birth. We call this energy the Core Passion® Codes. Core Passion® energy is what drives you to do what you do – has always driven you. As you follow the thread of Core Passion® energy in your life back to when you were young, you will understand that these driving forces have always been there. All major decisions in your life were made based on these driving forces. You were either in the gift or the challenge of your Core Passion® Codes. As these energy forces drive your life, they are here to aid you in your personal growth and assist you as you create your destiny.

Core Passion® driving forces are the innate energy source that fuels the desire to expand your knowledge and develop your skills. We’ve found the key that opens the door to passion – and that key is language. You can feel the passion but you can’t describe it or share it without a language. Language comes in many forms – words, symbols, and experiences. When you put words to your driving forces (Core Passion® Codes), you create clarity and focus in your life, your marketing, your branding, image and unique message.

These energies work like guides or coaches to keep you focused; it is the core energy of your desires that develop your passions. Ancient wisdom tells us it is imperative to become the best you can be in this lifetime. Your Core Passion® Codes are the catalyst for you to achieve this commitment.

This report has been designed to assist you in the discovery of your Core Passion® Codes. The results of this assessment are the beginning steps to make you aware of the energy behind your desires.


In the beginning we would like you to only focus on the top five codes in your personal Core Passion® Profile graph. The top five codes are your drivers; the remaining seven Core Passion® Codes are your support. You are learning the language of your Core Passion® Codes.

Reading the Report

1. Highlight key words that resonate. Take a yellow highlighter and mark any words or phrases that seem to stand out for you in each of your top five Core Passion® Codes. Which words and phrases have meaning? Find the information that resonates with you.

2. Underline identity descriptions. Take a red pen and underline words and phrases that resonate with you; this information really fits and best describes who you are.

3. Highlight key words that don’t resonate. Take an orange highlighter and mark any words or phrases that don’t resonate with you or don’t feel like you.

This exercise of taking ownership of your codes begins your quest of discovering more of who you really are. Step 1 and 2 are designed for you to acknowledge, remember, and own the gifts of these driving forces. Step 3 is designed for you to look at the challenges of your codes and take ownership of the lessons you are learning in this lifetime. You are learning the knowledge of your Core Passion® energy frequency continuum. You cannot have the gift without the challenge and you cannot have the challenge without taking ownership of the gift.