About your Power Number

About your Power Number


Your Power Number identifies you. It reveals the deeper Knowledge of who you are. Once you become aware of the deeper identity of who you are, you become awakened and sparked with an inner passion. Your deeper identity validates the belief you have always held dear with an inner knowing. When you treasure WHO you are as you search for WHAT you want to do, your career path becomes magical.

The first Pythagorean Mathematical Formula we will use is your Power Number. This answer will give you an understanding of the greater WHO you are, what your natural tendencies are, and it will describe what gives you your attitude toward the world. This number represents your power to achieve, and your basic beliefs and values. This information will help you understand what key elements will be needed to fulfill your desires to have a meaningful career.

The Power Number is determined by adding together all of the numbers of your birth date and reducing it down to one digit.

Let’s look at Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, as an example. Bill’s Power Number is 4. Intuitively, Bill’s deeper knowing of who he is gave him the confidence to develop the structured system we all use today. Bill is happiest when he is working in a structured system with a goal to achieve. Here are three things important for you to remember:

  1. Have a deeper awareness of WHO you are.
  2. Understand the source of your natural tendencies
    to develop your confidence.
  3. Your Power Number identifies you.

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