About your Destiny

About your Destiny


Your Destiny directs you. It was encoded within you the day you were named. The magic of your name sets a vibrational energy into action for you to become and develop something of great importance to your life.

The third Pythagorean Mathematical Formula we will use is your Destiny number. This calculated answer directs you and influences you with an understanding of what you must accomplish in any and all career choices you make. You will learn to cherish this powerful number as it guides you to explore many opportunities. You will learn to engage your inner resources as you search for career choices and environments to accomplish your destiny. You will begin to feel a spark as you awaken your passion to pursue heart-felt dreams within your career choices.

“Your destiny number is to be considered the announcement to the world of what you are here to accomplish.” – Pythagoras

The Destiny number is calculated by assigning a number to each letter of the full name on your birth certificate. Let’s use the example of Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft. Bill’s Destiny Number is 3. He has been directed since birth to develop his creative talents and skills. That’s exactly what he did to create Microsoft.

The clues to your career success are encoded within your Destiny number. Your many opportunities are directing you like a magnetic pull to accomplish your destiny. Pursue your destiny, pursue your passion, follow your dreams.

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