About your Codes

About your Codes


Your Core Passion Codes drive you. Your Codes are constantly inspiring you to become all you can be. The Codes will show you why you do what you do and explain the deeper aspect of who you are being while helping you understand why you are driven to pursuing different careers. Think of your Core Passion Codes as the voice of your inner spirit, the deeper part of you that knows what you really want. This deeper information the Codes are providing is critical for your personal development, your career success and your personal fulfillment.

You will become aware of how and why your personal Core Passion Codes continue to spark and drive you to explore a variety of career choices. When you become aware of the common threads in your career path you will treasure the brilliance of your driving energies. You will learn to cherish who you are and the passionate energies that encourage you to do what you do. The gifts and challenges encoded in your Core Passion Codes provide insight and background to your decisions, your emotions, and your life’s perspectives. Knowing what and understanding the WHY of each of your top Core Passion Codes is the first step in knowing WHO you are and what you really want.

When you know why you will understand more about who you are and what you want within a career you driven to explore.

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