About the Core Passion Assessment

About the Core Passion Assessment


The Inner Journey starts from the inside out. You must first know yourself by understanding your top driving energies that show up day after day in everything you do. When you put words to this driving energy, you create clarity and focus in your personal brand (who you are) and unique message. You have a language for your authenticity. You will use this language to become more magnetic when selling and marketing WHO you are as you search for your career opportunity.

Being authentic is living your destiny to be who you in each moment everywhere you go. The dictionary defines authentic as real, or genuine, true and accurate. When you are authentic and passionate, people can actually feel this vibration as an energy you transmit. When you are confident of who you are, people begin to develop a level of trust and can listen to what you are saying.

Your passion is the energy source that moves things to happen. We can measure this energy – it’s unseen but you can feel it. When you walk into a room, you can tell how someone is feeling even if they don’t tell you. The stronger the passion – the bigger your magnetic energy field becomes. This is extremely important when looking for a career opportunity.

The Core Passion Assessment gives you language to authentically express yourself and develops your confidence of who you are as you do what you do. Expressing yourself from your personal Core Passion energy expands your magnetic energy field attracting the people who want to work with you. This magnetic energy field builds trust and clarity with people resulting in win-win outcomes.

Next, you will watch the video, “How to Take the Core Passion Assessment.” Then, you will complete your Core Passion Assessment by rating each statement. There are no wrong answers. Simply react to each statement and quickly select a number. Let your own passion be your guide as you rate these statements. Remember, this is who you are now and have always been at any age or in any environment.

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