About Building your Career Opportunity

About Building your Career Opportunity


The Outer Journey begins with building the three components of your Career Opportunity Statement. Start with your Work Environment. This is extremely important, because work environments have many different atmospheres, and you will want to work in a setting that inspires you to engage and thrive. You could have the same occupation, let’s say an accountant, but you would have a very different experience in each of the work environments.

After you have chosen a Work Environment, choose a subset of that environment. (It will be smart to try different environments and subsets to learn what will resonate with who you are and what you want to do in your career.) After you pick your Work Environment, you can add the Industry and Occupation.

Work Environments: The four “big picture” work environments are For Profit, Business Owner, Non-Profit, and Public Service. There are several subsets of each work environment. This section helps you define what’s important to you regarding your work environment. Where do you feel you can thrive? In the next section, Tour of Careers, we will go into a deeper explanation of Work Environments with examples.

Industry: Under Industries, you will find a list of common industries. Select one now or add your own at the last step when you are completing your Career Opportunity Statement. Many industries you will recognize, others might be new to you. This list will give ideas about career industries you may have an interest in exploring and it may also stimulate you to research industries you were not aware of that may be a perfect fit for you.

Career/Occupations: We give you sample lists of possibilities that will help you identify careers that appeal to you or give you new ideas. Feel free to add as many other careers you want to research by editing your Career Opportunity Statement at the last step. Remember you only want to move forward with a career opportunity when you get a green light!

By looking at more than one career industry and occupation area, you can fine-tune your opportunity. For example; you may have picked an occupation, but may not be sure of which industry you want to work in. Later, you will use the Core Passion Codex to see which opportunity details need to change as pointed out in your rating results after you complete the Measure! lessons. You can keep tweaking and adjusting the opportunity details until you find a really good fit.

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